How to Block and Unblock Someone on Reddit

unblock someone from reddit

In 2016, Reddit added a rudimentary block function to its platform after feedback highlighted issues with harassment, particularly via private messaging. Unfortunately, this block function remains limited. Although users can stop seeing the content created … Read more

How to Enable Reddit Dark Mode

reddit night mode

Reddit’s dark mode is a very popular feature that alters a user’s visual experience of the platform. It’s a simple tool that changes nothing but the website’s general look and colour scheme. In dark mode, … Read more

How to Download Reddit Videos

How to Download Reddit Videos

Much of the content uploaded to Reddit is in the form of streamed videos and gifs. The majority of these videos are YouTube links so they’re easy to share with friends. Other videos are clips … Read more

How to Delete Reddit Messages from Your Inbox

The most active Reddit users do more than just browse their favorite subreddits. They post comments, give feedback on rule changes, provide advice to new users and keep interesting conversations flowing in private messages. It … Read more