How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

With 430 million users and 130,000 active communities, Reddit is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms on the web. Every day, around 2.8 million new comments get added to the site on topics as diverse as UFOs, unstirred paint, the Amish, chairs underwater and Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With so much new content making its way onto subreddits, less attention is paid to the thousands of posts and comments that also get removed each day. Some are deleted by their authors. Others are removed by community admins because they breach posting rules. Fortunately, deleting a post or comment doesn’t normally result in permanent erasure.

This article explains how to see deleted posts and comments on Reddit and find the content you’re looking for.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments


removeddit reddit deleted comment

Removeddit is probably the easiest way to recover deleted posts and comments on Reddit. Using the phrase ‘removeddit,’ you can load a cached version of a Reddit page that includes deleted content. All you need to do is replace the word ‘reddit’ in the original page URL with ‘removeddit.’ Here’s an example: (original URL) (removeddit URL)

Doing this allows you to see all the content uploaded to the page regardless of whether it has been deleted already. Comments and posts deleted by their authors are highlighted in blue. Content removed by community admins are highlighted in red.

There’s also a handy counter that displays the exact number of comments in a post that have been removed.

If you don’t have a specific post in mind, you can use to casually browse removed content.

Note: Removeddit method is not working anymore.


ceddit reddit posts

Ceddit is another tool for accessing removed content and it’s very similar to removeddit. It’s similarly easy to use, but redditors say it’s a little less comprehensive. It’s still worth a try if removeddit comes up short.

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To use it, apply the same method of replacing the word ‘reddit’ with ‘ceddit’ in the page’s URL: (original URL) (ceddit URL)

Some redditors say ceddit’s user interface is over complicated. However, the tool is simple to use and will recover most posts.

Note: Ceddit method is not working anymore.

Wayback Machine

web archive to see deleted reddit posts
Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is another interesting tool that allows internet users to access cached versions of webpages. It’s not exclusively dedicated to reddit pages, but it can be used to browse some archived comments and posts.

Using the URL, enter the URL of the page you want to search for removed content. The ‘changes’ tool is useful because it displays a side by side comparison between the published version of a page and an earlier cached version (with any removed content included).

Where content has been deleted from the published page, it will be clearly highlighted on the cached version.

Wayback Machine is a clever tool that continually improves as the number of cached pages increases. Many redditors still prefer removeddit, but will turn to Wayback Machine to track changes to rapidly developing news stories and discussions.



Resavr is another great tool to see deleted comments on reddit. They automatically saves all deleted comment above 650 characters.

The homepage of the website is updated frequently with top and recent deleted comments from reddit. It is also possible to search for deleted comments on a specific post. to do that, all you have to do is search by the title of the post into resavr search bar, which is located top right of their homepage.

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Along with the deleted comments, you will also be able to see when the original comment was posted and when it got deleted. If you are doing research on something, these information could be really helpful. You could use these data on wayback machine and dive deep into the topic.


There are lots of reasons you might wish to see removed comments and posts on Reddit. Typically, it’s a consequence of clicking on an interesting link and finding out its content has already been deleted and is ‘unreadable.’ This can be frustrating, particularly if you need the information for work or study purposes.

So, use one (or all) of the tools featured in this article to see the original versions of altered pages on Reddit.

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