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How to Restore Snapchat Streaks



Restore Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat streak occurs when two friends send direct snaps to each other for three days consecutively.

Once you get a Snapchat streak, a fire symbol will appear next to your name and the person that you were chatting along with the number of days that the streak has lasted. Snapchat usually rewards users who have surpassed a certain set threshold with unique emojis. So, have you lost Snapchat streaks, and you want to get them back? If yes, then below are tips on what to do to get them back.

How Snapchat streak works

Before discussing how to get your Snapchat streak back, it is important to discuss how Snapchat streak works and its benefits. As discussed earlier, you cannot create a streak alone; you have to work with a friend. You can consult with your friend that you want to get a Snapchat streak, or it can just let it happen naturally. However, most people who get snap streak usually have a mutual agreement with their friends.

As we had mentioned, a streak starts when you send a snap to your friend every 24 hours for three days consecutively. Once you complete the three days, a fire emblem will appear next to your friend’s name and how many days the streak lasted. Therefore, the requirement for getting a streak is that you have to snap with a friend each day for three days, and your friend must respond to your snap within 24 hours. Remember that snap send from memory, video calls and chats don’t count. The benefit of maintaining a Snapchat streak is that is increases your Snapchat score.

The reason why people lose their Snapchat streak

There are many reasons why people lose their Snapchat streak. The most common reason people lose their streak is when their friends want to fail to respond within 24 hours. Other things that can make your lose your snap streak include connectivity issues or a bug within the app.

How to restore Snapchat streaks

The good thing about Snapchat is that it usually restores Snapchat streak when the user contacts them and gives them a reason why they lost their streak. They understand that there are some things that are beyond your control. All you need to do to get your streak back is appeal. In this section, we will give you step by step tips on how to get your Snapchat streak back.

Step one

Visit Snapchat official website, click their support page and then click on contact us.

Step two

You will see a list of potential problems that you have, and one of them is “My snap streak has disappeared”. Once you click on my snap streak disappeared, a contact form will pop up where you will be required to enter the necessary details of your account, including your mail address, username, and phone number.

Step three

You will then be asked to provide details about the streak, including how many days the streak lasted, why you lost it, the exact day you lost your streak, etc. Remember that the more details you provide about the streak, the higher your chances of getting your lost Snapchat streak back. Therefore, ensure that you provide as much information as possible. Also, be honest, Snapchat will not restore your lost Snapchat streak if they realize that you lied.

Step four

Send the contact form then wait for a reply from Snapchat. If the reason is valid, your streak will be restored.

Bottom Line

From the above post, it is evident that it is possible to restore your lost Snapchat streak. All you need to do is contact the Snapchat and tell them why you lost your streak. If the reason is valid, Snapchat will restore your streak.


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How to Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions




Tumblr Descriptions

Placing images on your Tumblr descriptions adds a visual appeal and dynamic to your page. If you want people to see a useful text in your blog, put a captivating picture next to it, and people are more likely to find the information you want them to see.

Below are some tips on how to add pictures to your Tumblr descriptions on your desktop or mobile app.

Adding Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions on Desktop

The first step is to ensure that your image is ready in the sidebar. You can open the image in another tab on your computer. You can also copy the URL to your desktop. If the picture is on another website, you can right-click on the image and select the ‘open in new window’ option.

The picture you insert in your description can be from any website on the internet. However, if you want to include an image straight from your computer, you’ll need to upload it to a hosting site first then download it from there to your Tumblr. ImgBB is one free hosting site which can come in handy. After uploading your image on ImgBB, you need to select “HTML thumbnail linked” and then copy the provided HTML code.

Log into your Tumblr account, click on the human icon on your screen’s right hand, and then click on ‘select your blog.’ Select the ‘edit appearance’ option then the ‘edit theme’ option.

Head to the customize panel then click on the description option to edit the description box. In the description section, paste your copied HTML code (from ImgBB). The result will be a display of the image you had initially selected in step 1.

NOTE: The size of the images can also be adjusted to fit into the description box perfectly, but for that you need to have some knowledge of HTML coding. For a resizing option, click on the edit HTML tool. You need to locate the picture in the source code then add CSS3 to adjust the image’s size.

Press the CTRL+ F shortcut to search for the image, then press ENTER to find the code that places the picture to your Tumblr description. Add the CSS3 resizing properties that can allow you to adjust the picture’s height and width.

Add Pictures to Tumblr Descriptions on Mobile App

The steps to adding an image to a Tumblr description on your mobile app are very similar to those for a computer.

Bottom Line

The steps above are a general image placement into your Tumblr description. You can, however, assert your creativity when it comes to your Tumblr description. Ensure that you remain within your particular niche and be keen on how your content resonates with your audience.

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How to Post a Comment in Red Color on Facebook?




Red Color on Facebook

Facebook has become an important part of our lives. It allows us to stay connected with friends and family, share photos and videos, and even earn money by selling products through its platform. But there’s also another way to use Facebook that many people aren’t aware of – posting comments. In this article, we will show you how to post a comment in red color on your Facebook.

Post a Comment in Red Color on Facebook

If you want to add a comment in red color to your Facebook page, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Click on “Settings” at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down until you see “Comments” under “General Settings”.
  4. Now click on “Edit Options”.
  5. Select “Red” as the color option.
  6. Finally, click on “Save Changes”.
  7. You should now be able to see comments in red color on your profile.
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How to Install Tumblr Theme Code




Tumblr has many themes that are straightforward when it comes to their installation. However, for some blogs, the themes may require further personalization, which can’t be found in the theme area. Blogs such as business blogs need you to install Tumblr theme codes.

While getting themes from the theme garden on Tumblr may be easy, installing personalized ones can be challenging. The custom-made theme codes require HTML, which might be a new concept for many new Tumblr users.

Some Tumblr users may have already come across the use of HTML. However, most users are new to this kind of language on the platform and don’t know where to begin when installing theme codes. Fortunately, you don’t need to do HTML editing to use the custom themes. You can copy-paste many free or paid themes that are now readily available on the internet. What’s important is that you know how to use the custom themes, and you’re good to go.

Installing a personalized theme for your Tumblr doesn’t require that you have extensive knowledge of coding. This post enlightens you on how you can go about the process of installing a Tumblr theme code. Read on.

How to Add a Theme Code to Tumblr

1. Open the Code

Tumblr theme codes are given in various ways. They may be circulated by a text file or hosted online on sites like Pastebin.

2. Copy the Codes

5. Paste The New Code

You can paste your selected theme code and replace the current one. Ensure that you delete all the texts existing in your blog’s present coding. For Windows, you can use the shortcut CTRL +V while Mac OSX has the shortcut option CMD+V.

6. Preview Your Work Then Click On Save

Select the preview option to get an overview of the new theme. The final task is to click on the Save button to ensure that you save everything.

To Sum It Up

Installing theme codes to Tumblr isn’t a difficult task, as revealed above. Although Tumblr’s interface requires that you dig deeper into research to understand its concept entirely, it is very straightforward after that.

The next step is to highlight the code in the website or file. If you are operating from Windows, you can use the shortcut CTRL +A. If you are using the Mac OSX, the shortcut CMD+A, will ensure that you get everything copied.

You then need to copy the code by right-clicking on it, selecting the copy option, or using the CMD+C or CTRL+C shortcut options.

3. Insert The Customizer

You then need to log into your Tumblr account and click on the human icon then select your blog from the column on the right hand. Click on �? edit appearance’ then select the theme.

4. Edit the HTML

From the new page click on “Edit theme”.On the left side of the website, there is a task pane with a button that says �? edit HTML’. Click on it to open up your blog’s current theme code.

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