How to Enable Reddit Dark Mode

Reddit’s dark mode is a very popular feature that alters a user’s visual experience of the platform. It’s a simple tool that changes nothing but the website’s general look and colour scheme. In dark mode, Reddit’s backgrounds are black with white letters instead of blue and black. This helps to reduce eye strain and makes the text easier to read.

It’s a purely visual change, so activating dark mode won’t make any difference to your messages or other preferences. It’s easy to toggle off and on, and you can leave it on permanently if you want. Reddit’s dark mode is sometimes called ‘night mode.’

This article explains how to enable dark mode on Reddit.

How to Enable Dark Mode via the Desktop Browser

While logged in to your Reddit account, click on your profile avatar on the top right. On the drop down menu, find the night mode toggle. Slide it into the on position.

Reddit night mode toggle

You should see an immediate change as the background turns black.

reddit night mode

To deactivate dark/night mode, just toggle the option back to the off position.

Note: Once activated, you do not need to change the setting again until you want to deactivate it. Regardless of where and how you log in – on your desktop or another computer – the setting should remain the same.

How to Enable Dark Mode via the Mobile App

While logged in on the mobile app, click your profile avatar on the top left. Scroll down to the bottom of the drop down menu and click the moon icon. Dark/night mode should activate instantly.

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reddit dark mode on mobile

Note: Dark mode will stay enabled even if you uninstall the Reddit mobile app. You must actively toggle the dark/night mode option to make a change.


Reddit’s dark mode is a really neat feature that changes the look of the platform and makes prolonged browsing easier on the eyes. It’s simple to use and can be toggled on and off in seconds. While it doesn’t have any benefits beyond a gentler display, it’s popular with users, because who doesn’t love a change every now and then.

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