How to Download Reddit Videos

Much of the content uploaded to Reddit is in the form of streamed videos and gifs. The majority of these videos are YouTube links so they’re easy to share with friends. Other videos are clips from platforms such as Vine, TikTok and Instagram, and these are harder to share for non-members.

Fortunately, there’s a way to download videos posted to Reddit without having to become a member of Instagram or learn any convoluted Youtube hacks. Please note, users download videos at their own risk. It’s always worth checking out the copyright rules before you use content owned by another creator.

This article explains how to download videos from Reddit (without requiring access to the original link).

Downloading Reddit Videos Using a Desktop Browser

The quickest way to download a video from a post on Reddit is with a tool called Visit this website and, simply, paste the URL of the Reddit post into the uppermost input box. Click the reddit download icon to the right of the box.

paste reddit video url to download

You should see a pop up with several options. You can:

  • download the video immediately,
  • send a download link to your email inbox or
  • copy a raw URL that automatically downloads the video when entered into a browser. This last option is useful for quickly downloading and sharing a Reddit video with somebody else.

downloading reddit video

In all cases, the video is provided as an MP4 and operates like any other downloaded file. Choose your download options by clicking on the prompt that appears just above your computer’s taskbar.

Copyright laws mean there’s no direct way to download videos from Reddit. You must use a third party tool such as, and you are solely responsible for any legal consequences. You can shortcut the process by replacing ‘com’ with the word ‘tube’ in the Reddit URL containing the video (rather than visiting See an example below:

Downloading Reddit Videos Using the Mobile App also works on mobile. However, the video’s accessibility will depend on whether your device has the right software. VLC is the most recommended program for watching videos on iOS and Android. Install this to make sure any videos you upload to your phone can be viewed.

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Once downloaded, click the video and select the ‘play on VLC’ option when prompted.

If your intent is to share the video with somebody else, and you’re not overly concerned with playability, use to create a shareable link or have the video link sent to your email inbox.


Reddit doesn’t support direct downloading of video content, but a third party app like is a smart workaround. It’s an effective tool and completely free to use. It’s status as an open use platform means there may be references to adult content on its front page. Keep this in mind when using the tool at work or around children.

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