How to Delete Reddit Messages from Your Inbox

The most active Reddit users do more than just browse their favorite subreddits. They post comments, give feedback on rule changes, provide advice to new users and keep interesting conversations flowing in private messages. It can all lead to a very busy inbox that needs a spring clean every now and again.

If you send and receive a lot of messages on Reddit, it’s useful to have good inbox management skills just as you would for any other messaging system. The good news is deleting unwanted messages is simple on a desktop browser.

This article explains how to delete messages from your Reddit inbox.

Deleting Reddit Messages via Desktop Browser

1. Login to your reddit account and open your Reddit message inbox.

reddit mailbox

2. Find and open the message you want to delete.

3. Click the word ‘delete’ directly underneath the selected message. (It’s normally next to ‘permalink.’)

Deleting messages on reddit

4. Click ‘yes’ when the Yes/No prompt appears.

Please note, you can only delete private messages received from other redditors. You cannot delete messages sent to and received by other redditors because a copy will exist in their private inbox until they decide to delete it. So, think carefully before you send PMs.

This method is the same whether you’re using old or new Reddit.

Deleting Reddit Messages via Mobile App

At the moment, deleting Reddit messages via the mobile app isn’t possible. It’s a long awaited feature and something many redditors want to see. Hopefully, it will be an update in the near future. For now, it’s desktop only.

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Reddit accounts are synced across desktop and mobile which means deleting PMs via the desktop browser does update them on mobile. If you need to delete a message, use the quick method detailed above. Then, log into your mobile account to trigger the change.

The chat function is a little different. It’s technically separate from Reddit’s private messaging tool, and you can delete IMs via the app.


Deleting private messages on Reddit couldn’t be simpler, though many redditors feel like a mobile tool is missing from the experience. While you can’t directly delete PMs on the app, deleting them via the desktop will trigger a change on your mobile account.

It can be inconvenient, but it shouldn’t take long to delete messages using your mobile’s standard web browser.

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