How to Change Reddit Username and Display Name

There are many reasons why a redditor might wish to change their display name. Most commonly, it’s just a desire for something new. It’s nice to keep an account feeling fresh and relevant. You may have originally named yourself after a sports team, television show or celebrity that seems less appealing to you now and want to try something different.

Redditors are free to change their display name at any time, as often as they like. Changing your display name will change the identifier attached to comments, replies and private messages. You will not lose any accumulated karma points. The only thing that will change is part of your identifying information.

What you cannot do as a redditor is change your username at any time. Usernames are different to display names. Your username is the name attached to the reddit account for security reasons and to make sure you cannot be impersonated. Usernames are unique like email addresses. Yours is the only one, and this is why you cannot alter it. The only way to change a username and detach from the content attributed to it is to deactivate the Reddit account and surrender all karma points.

Neither your username nor display name needs to include details relating to your birth name. Your personal information will be more secure if neither references your real name.

How to Change Reddit Display Name via Desktop Browser

Step 1. While logged into your Reddit account, open the settings tab.

reddit setting to change username

Step 2. On User Setting, click on Profile tab and you will find the ‘Customise profile’ option.

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adding reddit display name

Step 3. Add the new display name and click save.

How to Change Display Name via Mobile App

The same method can be used to change your display name via the mobile app.

Step 1. Open reddit app on your mobile and click on the profile avatar to access the settings tab. From there select My profile, which will take you to the profile customization page.

accessing reddit settings on app

Step 2. Click on the Edit and a new window will open where changes can be made yo your Display name.

reddit edit profile

Step 3. Input your new Display name and don’t forget to save before you close the window.

reddit display name change app

How to Reset Or Delete Your Reddit Username

As already explained, there is no way to change a username without deactivating the Reddit account it is attached to. If you forget your username while trying to log in to your account, you can retrieve it. However, this won’t change anything. It will only give you a reminder of your existing username.

If it’s important you retire a username for security reasons, your only option is to delete the whole account. Another option is to set up a new Reddit account with a different name and make it your primary posting account. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be activated using a single email address, so it’s very possible to browse and post as different ‘identities.’ This is normally done for data privacy reasons, particularly if a user is posting sensitive material they don’t wish to be overtly associated with.

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The moral of the story is to be careful when setting up a Reddit account and choosing its username. Don’t include any words or phrases in your username that you’re not comfortable with other people attributing to your real identity. If you’d find it very difficult to give up an account and all associated karma, do not post sensitive or potentially embarrassing content to your primary account.

If you wish to change your Reddit displayname, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Usernames are permanent and not optional. You can choose not to have a displayname if preferred.

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