How to Block and Unblock Someone on Reddit

In 2016, Reddit added a rudimentary block function to its platform after feedback highlighted issues with harassment, particularly via private messaging. Unfortunately, this block function remains limited. Although users can stop seeing the content created by other people, they cannot hide their own content from specific users.

On Reddit, blocking automatically hides all attempts at contact made by an unwanted user. Messages, comments, replies and mentions may all still occur, but you should no longer see them or even know they are happening. The exception is for mods and admin who will see content from blocked users in any subreddits they manage.

So, it’s certainly not a perfect block tool. Long time Redditors are calling for a much smarter system that actively prevents blocked users from interacting with the blocker’s content rather than just concealing any activities. Regardless, you should use the tool if you are receiving unwanted contact from another Reddit user.

This article explains how to block and/or unblock another user on Reddit.

How to Block and Unblock via the Desktop Browser

First, make sure you’re logged into your Reddit account.

Click the small envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen (next to the green alien icon).

Select any example of an interaction between yourself and the user. You can only block users who have already contacted you in some manner (messages, comments, mentions, etc).

Click the words ‘block user’ directly underneath this communication. When prompted, click the ‘yes’ option.

block people on reddit

If the person you want to block is on your chat list, open your chat window and press on the settings wheel next to their name. A new window will popup with an option to block that user.

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reddit block people from chat list

Note: Unless you’re a mod/admin for a subreddit the blocked user also frequents, you shouldn’t see any more of their content. Please note, this doesn’t mean they cannot message or communicate with you. It just means you won’t know it’s happening. The blocked user will not be informed and will not know about the block.

To unblock someone on Reddit, open the User Settings menu and select Safety & Privacy Window. Under Safety option, you will be able to see the list of people you have blocked.

unblock someone from reddit

How to Block and Unblock via the Mobile App

Reddit doesn’t allow to block someone from the messaging window. But you can block people from the chat list. To do that, open the chat log and click the wheel button from the top right screen. A list of people involved in the chat will appear, click on the person you want to block. A new window will pop up, click on Block and confirm.

block people on reddit mobile app

Another way to block on the mobile app would be by directly accessing their profile. To do that, go to the Reddit profile of that person, select the three dots icon from the top right screen. Select Block user and confirm when prompted.

block people on reddit app


Hopefully, Reddit is working on improvements to its block function so that users can feel comfortable and secure while browsing the site. There are concerns that concealing (and not preventing) unwanted interactions can lead to situations in which inappropriate and potentially damaging behaviors occur without the knowledge of the person being targeted.

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On the other hand, most redditors prefer the existing block function to not having any kind of block tool at all. It’s worth considering if you are dealing with persistent unwanted messages from another user. If their attempts at contact are in any way disturbing or make you feel concerned for your safety, do not hesitate to report the person for violating behaviour.

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