5 Easy and Creative Ideas to Grow Snapchat Streaks

Snap chart streaks are important in Snapchat. The more streaks you have, the higher the bragging rights. Snapchat streak also helps to increase your Snapchat score. Snap streak indicates how active you are on this social media platform. Since this feature was launched, it has become very popular among users. So, do you want to increase your snap streaks, but you don’t know what to do? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share easy and creative snapchat streak ideas to grow snap streaks.

Ideas to grow Snap streaks

Engage with willing participants

It takes two people to create and grow snapstreak. Therefore, if you want to grow your snapstreak, you need to join forces with willing participants. Remember that in order to get a Snapchat streak, you need to send a snap to your friend every 24 hours for three days consecutively. This can only be possible if you team up with willing participants. One of the best ways to find friends who are up to the challenge is by using other Snapchat features. For instance, you can randomly send plain photos with a snapstreak caption to your friends’ list and join forces with those who respond to the challenge. Engaging with willing participates is one of the best ways to grow your snapstreak.

Take advantage of special days.

Another great way to grow your snap streaks is starting is on a special day like your anniversary or birthday. You are more likely to catch your friend’s attention if you start a streak on a special day. Timing is crucial for creating and maintaining a snapstreak. You need to know the most convenient time to send a snap to your friends. For instance, your friend is less likely to respond to your snap if you send it when he/she is on an important job assignment. However, if you send a snap to your friend on a weekend when they are not so busy, they will be more likely to respond and maintain the streak. So, ensure that you send snap to your friend at the right time.

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Use blank photos

Most people think that they have to send high-quality snaps to keep the streak alive. However, that is not true. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to snapping. It is up to you to choose the quality of snap to send to your friend. You can also use the same picture throughout, and your streak will still be active. Most people are very keen on the quality of snap that they send, and on the process, some end up losing the streak. No one is watching you, so you don’t need to send quality snap with great lighting; a blank photo is good enough to keep the streak alive.

Use special Snapchat streak filters

Another great way to grow your snap streak is by using special Snapchat filters. This is important, especially if you have many active snap streak. When you use special Snapchat streak filters, you will be sure that you will always send snap the right friends. If you have a streak with many friends, sometimes you can end up forgetting some or, in some cases, send a snap to the wrong person. Filters can help you avoid this.

Focus on friends you mostly interact with

The last thing you want is your friend leaving you hanging when you start a snap streak. To avoid this, you need to start a streak with friends that you interact with frequently. People that you interact with regularly are less likely to disappoint you than those you rarely snap with. You also don’t have to worry so much about your snap’s quality if you focus on friends that you interact with frequently.

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Bottom Line

Growing your snap streak is challenging but possible. You only need to be smart and use the right strategies. Focus more on close friends; they are less likely to disappoint you.

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