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Improve your productivity with Managed Services


IT Managed Services includes monitoring management, antivirus, email outage protection, security patching and more.


The average network-down incident was nearly 50% shorter when the affected device/server was covered by a remote monitoring managed service. - CompTIA

Lower Cost

Accomplish much more without increasing staff. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis average documented savings of 20% with managed services.

Why choose ServNet for Managed Services?

Save Money with IT Managed Services

  IT Managed Services provide streamlined processes to reduce labor. You also get a comprehensive set of tools to include antivirus, antimalware, antispam, email outage protection, security patching and much more.

No managed services provider? No problem.

  ServNet can act as your complete managed services provider with options for onsite support, a 24x7 service desk and professional services for projects design and implementation.

Have internal IT staff? Keep them!

  ServNet never makes attempts to displace your IT staff. We work with them and supply complete access to all of the same tools that we use to monitor and manage networks. We simply fill in the gaps as required.

Sophisticated IT Managed Services Monitoring

  IT managed services not only individual applications or hardware, but rather complete systems that are comprised of multiple applications and hardware and simulate what a user is experiencing when running applications. All of which can be displayed on custom dashboards.

Comprehensive Management

  Integrated antivirus, antimalware, audit and inventory, backups, patch management, remote control, reporting and scripting are provided. All with minimal to no impact on system performance and security.

Detailed Reporting

  Whether you need executive level reports to show the high level information such as backup status, patch status and capacity or you need more granular level reporting such as active directory response times or email round trip statistics, our tools will provide them.

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“We found that the ServNet staff felt like an extension of our own company - they addressed our problems with the same urgency and concern we did.”

Jeannie Clarke | Director of Administration
Apartment and Office Building Association